DigitalMind is a more or less regular newsletter/blog. I write about the challenges we face in the digital age within the media industry. Occasionally, I voice some opinions about leadership and work culture.

Who's writing this?

My name is Janosch Troehler. I'm a trained journalist and worked for several news outlets – small and large. Today, I work as a Product Owner for Blick.ch and drive constant improvements on our platforms. I've studied Digital Management at Hyper Island in London.

I genuinely believe in the power of collaboration and relationships.

Change is an opportunity

As Head of Community at Blick, I challenged the editorial processes by tearing down the wall between the public and the newsroom.

Before joining Blick, I studied journalism at the ZHAW and worked for several newspapers and the Swiss national broadcaster SRF.

From 2010 to 2020, I ran the online magazine Negative White to give the local music scene enhanced exposure. Today, I curate new songs for Weekly5, a newsletter dedicated to great music.

Besides, I'm president of the Zurich Press Association, and I work with future talents at MAZ and Ringier Journalism School.

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