MindLinks #2: Introverts at Work

How introverts can be leaders, remote work threatens your job, and narratives shape perceptions.

Welcome to the second edition of MindLinks. I've combed through the web to find five pieces of content that may spark your curiosity, challenge perceptions, or provide practical learning.

In today's selection, the common theme revolves around narratives: of remote work and job security, your job description, introverts in the workplace, and billionaire tech buy-in.

1. Remote Work Is the Reason Most of You Won't Have a Job in Five Years

It's a provocative statement—or, at least, it makes you think twice: "If white-collar employees insist on working remotely, their employers are looking to offshore their jobs to cheaper countries." The article provides a different perspective (mostly the company's view) on remote work that's worth considering in discussions. However, I'd argue that there are more aspects to consider offshoring jobs than financial reasons: Independent thinking, cultural behaviours, and ethical considerations should also be critical factors in a company's decision to outsource jobs.

2. The Flavour of Your Narrative

What's your answer when somebody asks you, "What do you do"? This question is always tricky for me because nobody clearly understands what a product owner does. But imagine saying: "I'm helping companies build amazing apps and services." The message is much clearer; it tells about the cause rather than only a job title. In the short clip, Simon Sinek argues precisely that. It made me think about how narratives significantly affect how we perceive products and services.

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