MindLinks #5: ChatGPT, Trust, and Love

Can an AI write about music?

Start your day with five freshly curated links from the web that make you a bit smarter.

Today, you'll find some content around the latest AI viral hit: ChatGPT. And there are interesting pieces for leaders and product managers alike.

1. Artificial Intelligence Writes About Music

Okay, it's quite a stretch to recommend my own work. However, my experiment over at Weekly5, my music newsletter project, might also hit your interest. ChatGPT, a conversational bot by OpenAI, has stirred quite the fuzz lately. I was curious about how good the software is at writing about music.

2. The Truth About AI Getting "Creative"

Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee dives a bit deeper into creative AI and brings his perspective on inspiration and the interaction between humans and machines. But he also asks the tricky question: How will credit work?

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3. Can trust be designed?

This is a short but insightful piece about the power of design and visual symbols to build trust and establish credibility with an audience. The author ties in the recent discussions around Twitter's verification checkmark, leading to the question: Is it really a symbol of trust?

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