MindLinks #6: Trends, Gamification, and Quitting

Which trends will shape your lives in the coming months?

Start your day with five freshly curated links from the web that make you a bit smarter.

Today, you'll find interesting reads about trends that will shape tech and media development in the coming months. Moreover, you can learn about gamification gone wrong and the power of quitting.

1. Summary of journalism and media development in 2023

You don't wanna filter through the many trends reports out there? Don't worry; my colleague Konrad Weber has you covered. He summarised 20 annual outlooks and trend reports to derive 8 "meta-trends" for journalism and media development.

2. Massive Apple headset leak reveals new details

The anticipated Apple headset makes some waves for those curious about the latest in VR and AR tech. A big leak allegedly offers insight into the specs and features. However, you should always take these leaks and rumours with a grain of salt.

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