These times are no proof of concept for working remotely

Hi there, who would have thought that a virus is turning out to be the biggest driver of digitization and decentralized working environments?

The coronavirus uncovered many issues: Schools were not prepared at all, businesses that put shareholder value above all are struggling, and the lack of digital infrastructure in Switzerland’s public administration is staggering.

However, I’m concerned about the debate around remote work. Although the home office policies were ramped up quickly by enterprises all around the globe, they’re not representative of the transformation of our working environment. Let me explain why.

My home office.
My home office.

The advantages of working from home have been confirmed over and over again. The employees are more productive, an observation I made about myself in the last three weeks while in the home office. Also, a team member confirmed that she felt more obliged to be productive than usual. She claims it’s because working from home gives her more responsibility in managing her day.

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